Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oh My!

When you are in charge of all branches of our representative government and you cannot fix the problem then there is something badly amiss.

"At a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing Wednesday, Young detailed his efforts to assist patients at Walter Reed during visits he or his wife made to the hospital as early as 2003. He described repeatedly confronting the hospital’s then commander, Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, about patients who, they discovered, had received poor care."

Here is the rest of the article.

I realize that problems can occur under any administration. But, when it becomes a drumbeat of instance after instance, you know there are significant problems. I have said often, that when one party controls everything we can end up with problems. I am sure this is not always true but... perhaps the most recent example, of Republican control, says more about the culture of privilege and entitlement set up by Bush, Gingrich, Delay, Frist, Hastert, and Rove.

I bring up John Deans book again, "Conservatives Without Conscience." Perhaps it is not the party but the kind of people we have in power. We need to steer clear of authoritarians as Dean would say. They seem particularly dangerous.

Point of interest: Gingrich will likely run for president in 2008 and he was instrumental in getting this whole culture rolling. I feel he is a very dangerous man. Chuck Hagel would be a far better choice in my opinion. Then again I will likely not vote for either of them.


Leo said...

I have no use for a man like Newt Gingrich he is a despicable person. I have seen little to change my mind. He may have some political sense and judgment but we need people of character for political office - he has none.

Thanks, I feel better now.

Andrew said...

I agree. He often sounds rational, but once you examin his tactics, the reasonable facade crumbles.