Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Right wing conservatives are Anne Coulter.

Here is the problem. As a conservative, one cannot give Anne Coulter a forum and yet denounce what she says afterword. If you give her a forum, your actions speak louder than words. On top of that, when she says this stuff, at conservative conferences, she does not get stunned silence, she gets raucous applause!. You cannot say she does not represent the far right, when she is applauded every time she says something horrible.

I do not for a minute think that all conservative like Anne Coulter. I think many wonderful conservatives are embarrassed by her. America needs the silent majority of conservatives to step up and drop her like a bad habit. Until they do, I suggest that many conservatives need look long and hard at the party they belong to.

An aside: Bill Marhre has just been accused of saying he wants Dick Chaney dead, and is thus he, a lefty, is supposed to be just as bad as Anne Coulter. Unfortunatiely for Fox news, he did not say that.

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