Friday, February 16, 2007

180 degrees

Have you ever noticed that the administration tends to do the exact opposite of what it says. They talk about listening to the "boots on the ground." Yet when it comes to almost all of their policy decisions they never ever listen to the boots on the ground. They go with ideology or who-knows-what. Facts are noticeably absent in their decision making process.

In 2001 they made a decision that they were not going to talk to North Korea or Iran. They will have no negotiations until these two nations begin to bow to the leader of the free world. Now they are trying to back pedal. You have probably noticed that Iran has owned us in Iraq. They have gone from being willing to play ball, after Afghanistan, to a position of power, after Iraq. The administration says that they never wanted to negotiate with us so there was never a negotiation opportunity to loose. Turns out this is another fabrication (lie).

Here is an example of this.

Why would Rove have anything to do with Iran in 2003? He was the WH political advisor. Rice, the NSA chief at the time, does not recall the Iranian overture at all! Perhaps that is because Rove had it!? Who, for cripes sake, is running this cluster f*^%k of a White House?

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