Monday, February 19, 2007

How do you feel about the press?

Digby's observation would be historically interesting, and perhaps just food for thought, if it were not so serious.
I believe his post points to a the problem with our democracy. Although we do not elect our free press, they are critical to the democratic process. How else do we get the information to make good choices in our elected officials? Be we liberal or conservative we deserve to have good information in the information age. Perhaps press malfeasance was quaint in the 1800s. Today it is horrifying. We have enough fire power to blow up the world. Our politicians make decisions that effect millions of people. Without good information we are at a serious disadvantage. We have a moral imperative to act responsibly and lead for the good of humanity. To those of us that do not pay attention to politics, shame on you. You are the most influential generation to ever exist. How do we maintain world leadership if we cannot elect people who are capable with dealing with the complexities of reality. We can make such a positive difference. Please do not squander this chance.

Ask the press to explore the information we need. Use their great marketing skill to make complex topics interesting. At least they should probe the decisions that are being debated in Congress. They should show the various sides of the issues and point out where the compromises might be. They need to point out who might have what agenda and why. Who is getting money from who. Who was a lobbyist for what industry, or non-governmental agency, or Wall Street firm, or non-profit. The press needs to follow the money in politics. The voters need good information. I do not underestimate the American people. We can do it.

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