Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reality Poll

It would be interesting for somone to do a poll, comparing people who watch Fox News with those who listen to National Public Radio, on these questions:

  1. Who sent Clark to Niger? Cheney or Plame.
  2. Was V. Plame under cover at CIA? Yes or no.
  3. What did Plame work on at CIA? Nothing or nuclear non-proliferation in Iran.
  4. Who attacked the World Trade Center? Hussein in Iraq or Afghanistan based Al Qaeda.
  5. Does the media have a liberal bias? Yes or no.
  6. Does the media have a conservative bias? Yes or no.
  7. What percentage of scientists believe that smoking causes cancer? 95% or less than 95%.
  8. What percent of scientists believe that people are causing global warming? 95% or less than 95%.

It would be interesting to see who has more factual information.

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