Monday, February 26, 2007

NFZ (Negotiation Free Zone)

Here is an interesting post from Think Progress. As most of you know, Iran wanted to negotiate with us in 2003. We blew them off because we were "strong." The Bush Administration logic was, we did not need to negotiate while we were strong. Now, the Bush Administration argues that we cannot negotiate with Iran because our position is not advantages, we are weakened because of our "wonderful successes in Iraq" ("Cheney speak" spoken here).

I am reminded of a gambling addict I once knew. I asked him why he did not stop since it was wrecking his life. He explained that "when I am winning I am on a roll, so I keep playing. I don't want to stop when "on a roll." When I am loosing I know that, odds are, my luck will change, I just need to give it time to change, so I keep gambling." I said "so under no circumstance is it time to take your winnings, or losings, and go home." He said "that's correct."

For six years the Bush Administration has inhabited a NFZ. Perhaps they are even addicted to a NFZ. We need to put them in treatment.

Two thirds through this audio clip Trita Parsi makes the seminal point.

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