Thursday, February 8, 2007

The plane, boss, the plane

You have to listen to the end but it is worth it. Start here.


I give the White House credit for putting this story where it belongs. My goodness, don't we have important things to talk about. If you clicked the link you will know that the good Representative from Massachusetts has kept it in perspective for us. If you have not had a chance to listen to Rep. Barney Frank, you need to. Whether you agree with him or not, he is a National Treasure. I am beginning to think Chuck Hagel is too, yet I don't agree with him on just about anything.


Leo said...

I like Gordon's quote from Barney Frank - "I can read it for you; but I can't understand it for you" The plane line was a good too.

I am surprised that the Republicans are spending their few bits of capital on this issue. They gotta get smarter.

I am really disturbed by Christian groups on the right that comment on this issue. It's like they are begging to lose their tax exemptions. Very foolish.

Andrew said...

It surprised me also. Perhaps it is an old habit. For years politicians could pick an irrelevant issue and beat it to death, thereby driving the media bus anyway they wanted. They obviously can still drive the bus. There are begining to be consequences though.

I actually think that many Christian groups,, on the right, are evaluating the consequences of being so closely tied to one political ideology. I think many are wiseing up to how they have been in an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship. There is danger for religion, of any stripe, when it goes from informing the spiritual and earthly life of individuals to trying to effect government policy. I don't mean to say that religion does not influence the way we live and govern, I mean that religion should focus on informing individuals and let the individuals inform the government. When religion skips the step, they run into trouble.

Leo said...

I hope so but this Pelosi Plane experience has me wondering whether some of these groups are bought and paid for by the RNC.

I agree, I think, that the individuals and not the churches should be informing the government. Involvement in the government for a church is a "No one can serve two Masters" scenario and leads to major compromise of basic Christian principles as we have seen of late in the attitudes of these warlike Christian leaders.