Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thank you very much

I do a blog to get stuff off my chest. If I don't put this stuff somewhere, it infuses my business and social life. My friends and clients are probably relieved.

I want to take this time, on a snowy Saturday night, to thank all of you that read my words. I often post in a rush, and have to go back later to edit. I ramble and mix themes. I must thank all of you for your patience.

I began blogging with no expectation that anyone would ever read it. I soon realized how important it was for me to have at least one reader out there. With the wonders of Google Analytics I can tell how many people check in regularly. For my 34 silent, consistent readers, thank you so much. I probably know most of you. I hope to meet the rest of you some day.

For Leo, who comments regularly, I look forward to your kind and insightful words. I appreciate your tips on music. Also Voyager, your pictures are beautiful.

I know we are all busy people. Things come an go in our lives. I appreciate your time while you have it to give.

Stay warm tonight,



voyageur said...

Thanks for the kind words! I do read, but am sort of burned out on political debates, hence the few comments. But we shall see.

(I've linked you too, by the way)

voyageur said...

And thank you so much for this storm!

Andrew said...

My pleasure. My back is killing me.