Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pelosi's plane vs Libby's trial

How does something this stupid get any air whatsoever? Pelosi's plane is a "top story" at MSNBC. Take a wild guess where the Libby Trial shows up on their front page? You guessed it, the Libby Trial is not on the front page at all.

You might try to argue that the Libby Trial is not news. I beg to differ.

When the Vice President of the United States personally sends an ambassador to check out weapons of mass destruction; and when the ambassador reports that there is nothing to the story; and when the VP then has the President ignore this information in the State of the Union Speech; and the Secretary of State ignores the ambassador's information in his presentation to the UN; and when the ambassador brings this manipulation of information to the attention of the press; and the VP then authorizes the executive branch to out a CIA agent. Since outing a CIA agent is a crime, that is news, yet you connot even find it on MSNBC, or CBS News, etc, etc...

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