Thursday, February 1, 2007

Senator Norm Colman, R-MN

I heard an interview on MPR during my drive home tonight. Our Senator, Norm Colman, said he was not really thinking about Al Frankin's entering the Senate race for his seat. Senator Colman said that the message the voters gave in the last election was that Republicans and Democrats need to work in a more bipartisan manner. He said he was working very hard to reach across the isle to the "Democrat Party."

Senator Colman,

Imagine that I were to call you Normie. You would probably correct me and say "my name is not Normie, it is Norm." Imagine that I persisted in calling you Normie. Would you be offended?

When you call the Democratic Party, "Democrat Party," you offend half of voting America. Is that your intent? You are a smart guy, so I am sure it is absolutely your intent to offend at least half the voters in your state of Minnesota.

So Normie, cut the crap on the "working across the isle" lingo. If you want to work with a Democrat, perhaps you should figure out what the name of his or her party is. Until then, go back to being a lap dog.

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