Friday, February 23, 2007

The non-apology

Michele Bachmann has stepped in it again. Her embarrassing election, representing Minnesota, might be worth the entertainment.

On her apology, have you ever noticed that when some people apologize they do so with an implied ", stupid" tacked on the end. Here is the excerpt from the Star Tribune:

But she has issued a statement in which she says she’s “sorry if my words
have been misconstrued.”

She is sorry that people did not understand her, but she is not sorry for what she said. She is not even sorry if what she said was hard to understand or easy to misconstrue. She is saying that she is sorry we are too stupid to understand what she said.

Well let me tell you, Michelle, I know exactly what you said, and, while I may not be the smartest knife in the drawer, I know that I did not misconstrue anything. You are yet another nut that runs on the theme of personal responsibility yet never takes any personal responsibility for your blunders.

I can't wait for the next murderer to say "I am sorry if my killing her was misconstrued, I was really doing deep tissue massage, it is not my fault she died of blunt trauma.

Thanks M.

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