Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Newscasters with opinions

I think this is an important discussion for us to have in America. I applaud Scarborough for calling out O'Reilly. I also think the clip, where a news man callsMitt Romny a flip-flopper, is a good example of poor journalism.

I want to get back to the 70s when news organizations covered hard news and keep their opinions to themselves. I think they should, at a minimum, try to be objective. I do not mind news programs carving out time for people to give their opinions but they should do it with a firewall, opinion vs. news. It is important that those reporting the news stay above the fray. Perhaps we need a definition of "news." I imagine a disclosure statement, like I find on my cereal box, stating the contents. Is it news or entertainment. If you are going to use our public airwaves, or regulated utility lines, you need to provide at least some real news. Fox "News" would be charged with false advertising. MSNBC might have the same problem.

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