Monday, February 12, 2007

The Iran set up.

There is currently a lot of rumbling about Iran. The US Government seems intent on making a case for war. Why would they make their case anonymously? The press is allowing this to go on. Why is the press again in collusion with the US Government? It is one thing if someone is leaking a story. Yet, this is a public affairs officer for the military. Why would he be allowed to give anonymous briefings?

In the last five years we have US government agencies putting out political propaganda that we, as taxpayers, pay for. We have our government providing news stories, that they produce, to major media outlets. The media outlets pass these government produced stories off as their unbiased reporting. We have had the military form an information division to "get their message out." I find this amazing. The regular press seems so willing to uncritically put out anything the military wants. Why would the military have to create its own press.

Some right wing hot-head will read this and say "how could you think the press is supporting the military? All they report is the mess in Iraq." I say in response: how do you know that what the press reports is accurate. How do you know that Iraq is not even worse than what is being reported? The press can't even leave the green zone. It is just as possible that they are not getting the true story on how bad Iraq is. Since neither of us knows the reality on the ground, perhaps we should stick with what we do know.

The press is letting a military public affairs officer give them information about Iran anonymously. Wow.

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