Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Michele Bachmann, agian

Well, when you tilt towards the crazy side of the bridge, you are bound to get yourself in trouble. Ya just never know when it will happen. It most often happens, to a politician, when they are trying to act sane to get elected. They can only pull it off for so long, then they have a wee breakdown. Unfortunately that reminds the voters of how really crazy the politician is. (This is the reason elections are not held annually. Voters need time to forget how nuts half of them are.)

I give you the Senator Allen and the "mecaca debacle" as an example. If "mecaca" was an isolated incident, Allen would have had less of a problem. But Allen had already spent a great deal of time defending his college day "issues of intolerance." Mecaca was just a present day example, that reinforced the college stories. It turns out that Senator Allen had not changed since his racist adolescence.

Those of us in Minnesota know Michele Bachmann is crazy. She was caught hiding in the bushes at a GLBT rally at the Capitol a couple of years ago. No, seriously! There are pictures.

Here is a little item, in a little newspaper, in a little town , that is going to keep a little story alive. Michele Bachmann is really bumming out right now.

Well, will you look at that. It just got picked up by a bigger news outlet.

I wonder where it will go next?

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Leo said...

She may be nuts but they did get a good picture of her.

Gotta wonder about the link between Iran and Iraq, though. May be like Saddam and 9/11. He didn't do it but he was not depressed that it happened.