Saturday, February 17, 2007


Joe Leiberman, I-CT has always been a bit of a creep. My dad, who lived in Connecticut the last thirty five years of his life, did not like him. He did not like him despite being an inner-city Detroit raised Democrat who worked in the auto plants and put himself through college driving a bus and getting help from the GI bill. My dad knew how good government could help good people. When Leiberman was nominated to run for Vice President, my dad still did not like him.

Last Summer I had the chance to see what my dad did not like about Leiberman. He lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut and then decided to run as an independent. Leiberman knew that all the Republicans would vote for him. He also knew that many of the old time, entrenched Democrats would put him over the top.

Leiberman has no shame. He is a creep.

by digby:
"Like the wing nut he's become, the ever more unctuous Joe Lieberman threatens a "constitutional crisis" if his colleagues don't do what he wants. "

As far as I am concerned let the Republicans have him. He will be relevant for two years and then will be absolutely, utterly irrelevant for the rest of his pathetic failure of a career. Democrats will experience short term pain for long term gain. Let's see how Leiberman does running in Connecticut as a Republican. Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out Joe. See ya.


voyageur said...

He always reminded me too much of the silent guy in "Penn and Teller". Only Joe is not very silent, is he.

There's always a partisan spin going on with these things: when Joe sides with Republicans, Dems see him as a traitor. When Republicans side with Dems (such as the ones who turn against Bush on Iraq), the Dems seem them as "principled".

Andrew said...

You make a good point and I have been struggling with your observation since last Summer. Why is it that I find Chuck Hagel, who I disagree with on many matters of policy, more principled than Joe Leiberman, who I tend to agree with more often than not? I have thought about this and have come up with some reasons. I need to write them down and post them. I will need to give specific instances that drove me nuts about Joe. I just hope I do not have to fess up to being a hypocrit. I don't think I will but I guess it is possible in this instance.

Thanks Voyager, I will get back to you on this. As I said, it is on my mind.

Leo said...

I sorta like Lieberman. If I may apply what Voyageur said he seems like a true independent. I think his primary concern in supporting the President on Iraq is the defense of Israel. After all I do not think that you need to fear that he is going over to the Republican Camp.