Thursday, February 8, 2007

Memory is a funny thing

Secretary of State Rice does not remember any overtures from Iran. Pardon my sarcasm, but, two things come to mind. First, how could she remember such a minor thing as an overture from Iran? After all Iran is just a country that her boss included in the "Axis Of Evil." Why would an overture from a member of the "Axis" memorable?

Second, Condi has a notoriously fickle memory. She also did not remember a briefing on terrorists planning major operations in the Summer of 2001, even though she requested that this briefing also be given to the FBI for further investigation. I am surprised she does not do the typical "high profile person" blame technique and say she needs to go to rehab.

All this from the crowd that prides itself on "personal responsibility." Have you ever wondered when they will take any responsibility for anything? I am pained to think of even one thing they have been responsible for that is negative. I can think of many things that they think they are responsible for. The robust economy, no recent terrorist attacks, falling crime rates, better school test scores, etc. There are many reasons why non of these improvements are a result of their policies. I will save that for another discussion.

Here are some things our current administration is not responsible for, followed by the reasons they are not responsible:
  1. Global Warming--does not exist.
  2. The War in Iraq--First, no one could have predicted the problems and second, it is General Casey's fault anyway. Remember we know nothing. We just listen to the forces on the ground.
  3. 9/11--we were never briefed on anything so unbelievable. Also, Saddam did it, despite 18 of the 19 participants being from Saudi Arabia.
  4. Mark Foley--No one was aware of what was going on. It was the pages that enticed Mark anyway.
  5. Unconstitutional wire tapping--It is not unconstitutional, and if it was, Congress gave us the right to do it, so talk to them.
  6. Outing a CIA agent in an attempt to protect their asses--Who us? We heard it from the press.
  7. Leaking classified material while prosecuting those that leaked classified material. We, by definition cannot "leak classified material." Once we leak it, it is by definition, no longer "classified" material. It is only still classified when someone else leaks it.
  8. Katrina--Brownie's fault.
  9. I could keep going, and going, and going........

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